1. Does restaurant Jeny accept credit cards ?

- Restaurant Jeny does not accept credit or debit cards. Cash payments only.


2. What is the price of the tasting menu ?

- The price of the tasting menu with wine pairing is 830 kn. per person  This includes 7 plates and 6 wines.  The price of the tasting menu without wines is 650 kn.

3. Do I need a reservation ?

- Yes. By reservation only.


4. Is there a dress code ?

- There is no strict dress code. We recommend casual attire.


5. Is the taxi fare included ?

- No. The taxi is a separate service. Restaurant Jeny only helps by organizing the taxi if needed.


6. Does Jeny open for lunch ?

- No. Jeny only does evening service ( three arrival times ).


7. Does restaurant Jeny offer a la carte ?

-There is no a la carte on offer. Only tasting menus.


8. Is there a vegetarian option?

-Yes.There is also a vegetarian tasting menu on offer.


9. Will the restaurant make modifications to the menu to accommodate for food allergies or intolerances ?

- Yes. Please let the restaurant manager know at least a day in advance.


10. Are children welcome at restaurant Jeny ?

- Yes. We welcome children, but we kindly ask the parents to ensure they are  well behaved and that they bring something to keep them entertained.  We have daily options for children. Please consult with staff upon arrival.

Gornje Tučepi, Čovići 1

21325 Tučepi

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